Drawing in Air

Drawing in Air

Drawing in Air is a series of projects, which consist of the installations Interstices, Linear Gesture and Cinq Isles. All of these installations are investigations into the notions of site specificity and spatiality.

Interstices, 2011, Ottawa ON & Estevan SK

interstices Panorama1
three voids ottawa

interstices ottawa text-1-Andrea
2 interstices ottawa text-2-Andrea

Exhibition history:
2011 Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa ON
2011 Estevan Art Gallery and Museum, Estevan, Saskatchewan


Cinq Isle, 2012, Est Nord Est, Saint Jean-Port-Joli QC

The project Cinq Isles began its development in the spring of 2012 at the Est Nord Est International Residency in Saint Jean-Port-Joli, Québec and which I have received a 2013 Ontario Arts Council Mid-Career Grant to complete. Cinq Isles consists of a series of five vignettes, an archipelago of shapes and forms seeking to address mark-marking through the gaps between the object, the shadow and video images. These individual islands of the installation are formally staged static structures awaiting the activation of the video projection. Once activated the projected images transform and re-contextualize the sculptural gesture, which is intended to create a tension between the image and the forms and cause a moment of pause and reflection, turning the installation into a series of paradoxical inter-connections.


Linear Gesture, 2010, Montréal QC

wood, metal and magnets, dimensions varible
Concordia University, Montréal QC

2010, wood, metal and magnets, dimensions varible