Gambrel Journey

Gambrel Journey, 2015, Markham ON

Markham Museum, Markham ON

Gambrel Journey sets out to reflect the nature of the Markham Museum by addressing the historic and the contemporary in a way that brings relevance and potential to both. It is a narrative work that acknowledges the importance of the individual within the greater community, whether that is local, national or global. This work connects the historical to today’s new “settlers”, everyone has a story and people have journeyed from somewhere else to settle in Markham some from next door some from across the planet. This work in its essence is a singular story of a person’s journey to eventually place them in Markham. It references the past but looks optimistically to the future. The gambrel structural framework’s scale is an acknowledgment to the massive effort and struggle within the journey while the bronze bench acts as a meditative spot of contemplation – a place to reflect on the past, the future and the journey.

gamble together